Unreal MOBA Project

Over this past semester of university I was tasked with creating something in the context of a MOBA game. For this task I undertook the creation of specific AI for both the Creep and Jungle monster.
The Creep is intended to follow a strict path while turning or chasing after a player if it detects them in front of them or a short distance behind them.
The Jungle Monster however follows a a path down the middle of the map but also attacks the jungle camps currently labelled as Dead Creeps, the monster also registers if a so called DeadCreep which I have labelled my jungle camps at this moment in time have below their standard 3 HP, if this is detected it will stray from it’s path to attack it.

Sadly due to my inexperience with AI behaviour trees I had attempted to complete the project through use of only normal blueprint for the most part. This lead to me using Delays and other methods to attempt to get the AI to work, causing issues and a quirky AI patten. Hopefully I should return to this work at some point and be able to finish it off by fully integrating the blue print sections into the AI Behaviour Tree.

I used the Miximo model and animations that are freely available on the marketplace.

Here is a link to the project uploaded on MEGA. In a while demonstration videos will also be uploaded to display how the current project functions.

project has been removed