Unreal MMO Community

Hey guys.

I am the creator of the Unreal MMO Community discord server. We have a good 600+ members last I checked and we are predominantly a Unreal MMO development community! Our members are very helpful when they have time to answer your questions and we don’t shun those for wanting to make an MMO. Many of our regulars are well on their way to release status of their games! We created this discord because we saw a lack of support for those who want to make an MMO and get shunned on other popular unreal development Discords who I will not mention here. If you are interested in MMOs and want to make one or are already making one. Why not head over for a look!

Please keep in mind those who are of a different mindset and believe MMOs are only for AAA companies need not visit because we don’t want drama we just want to get on with our projects!

Discord Link: Unreal MMO Community

The only major rules of our discord server is for everyone to stay civil and be patient as they wait for a response and to follow Discords guidelines and rules etc.

We hope you all enjoy our server!

P.s. I hope this is posted in an appropriate section. Please advise if it isn’t.

I just checked and at the posting of this message we have 707 members and growing!

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask them here and if they are appropriate i will answer to the best of my knowledge.

This looks awesome! Thank you!

No worries mate. It’s a good resource.

Nice to see, that there is Unreal MMO community.
The discord is a really nice place.
Highly recommend it.

Thanks for the review mate. We try to keep it civil and on topic :slight_smile: