Unreal Mind, An Unreal Engine Built Mastermind Game

Hello everyone!

We’re announcing a new project we’re working on: The Mastermind Project.

Basically our goal is to re-create the board game “Mastermind” in Unreal Engine as a mini-project of ours.
We will probably either give this project away in source code for free or give away the game itself for free. Still deciding on that.

The 4 colors on top of the video are there to show what the final result is, for easier debug reasons. Of course that will be gone when we’re going to release the project :slight_smile:

Download on our site

Source download -> http://panda-studios.net/download/Mastermind.zip

Meanwhile you can check it’s first WIP video below:

Good news everyone!

First play-able V1.01 is launched! Just head to our website and download the project!

Let us know of any bugs, extra features or ideas!

Release notes for v1.01:
Fixed issue where you can spam ready regardless of all pins were colored
Fixed issue where you can’t see the top colors when at the bottom

Looking good! Thanks for sharing (: was fun to be around when you build it on stream!

Keep up the good work!

We’ve released source code of our Mastermind game! :slight_smile:

Get it here: http://panda-studios.net/download/Mastermind.zip

Awesome! (: Thanks for sharing and adding more free learning resources to this awesome community!

No problem :slight_smile: