Unreal Menu crash


I were uploading the last version via the launcher then, after the upload finished, the Unreal menu appears and crashed 10 sec after.

I create a log file via DxDiag.

I try the tricks on the Troubleshooting section : “The Launcher fails to load or crashes on load”
It didn’t work, maybe cause its not the launcher but really the Unreal Engine Menu who crash.
I update my graphics drivers, the only update is missing is DirectX 12 (my os is Windows 7).

Thanks for all and good continuation !

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Hi Hackedia,

Could you also follow the instructions here to generate your Debug Logs. Then post them here.


There is the right logs, thanks for all !

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Hi Hackedia,

If you go to your Launcher installation folder there should be a folder called VaultCache, inside this there should be a folder called UE_4.6, delete this.

We’re aware of an issue with some old bad data being parsed that’s causing a crash for a small percentage of users, hopefully removing this should fix the crash for you, if you still experience it please post new logs.



Hi Andrew,

All seems to work, a great thanks to you !
Just a little thing, in the menu on the top right, its write “Debug Logging Enabled”, may i worried about that ?

Thanks for all !

No, you probably just have the -debuglogging in the shortcut address. Just look at the ‘Outside of Launcher’ section and take that bit out.

Ah yes i forgot ^^, thanks for all !