Unreal Marketplace Wishlist/Tracker

Hi Friends,

As a marketplace user it’s hard for me to keep track of all the assets that I want to buy in the future so for that goal I have built a wishlist/tracker for everybody to use. It allows you to add marketplace products to your own personalized wishlist directly from a product page by using a Bookmarklet that the tracker generates for you, you drag it in your bookmarks tab and when you are on a product page if you click it, it will add the product to your wishlist.

I hope you enjoy it and looking forward to hearing your feedback and how I can improve it!


Development Roadmap
If there’s interest in this wishlist I would like to add more features and here is a roadmap of what I’m planning to add

- Price Tracking - RELEASED
When an item from your list changes price (down) you will be notified with an email
**- Multiple lists - **ETA TBD
Ability to have multiple lists and switch between them. Name, delete and move items between them.
**- List collaboration **- ETA TBD
Share your lists with other accounts and collaborate on compiling lists with other people from your team.
more to be added

New updates release today:

  • Automatic login after successful registration
  • Improved speed and refactoring of MVP code

Price tracking development is going smooth and I should have it released soon. All accounts with fake email addresses will have to be deleted as they will block the mailing queue system once it’s released, there will also be a settings page so you can disable email notifications when a product in your list goes on sale.

i usually put all the stuff I want into my cart and it won’t disappear, whenever I want to actually buy sth. I just click on buy now istead of art to chart, might be an easier way :wink:

For now, that sounds like something that would work. Although, soon UnreaSales Tracker will allow you to have multiple lists so you can better organize and notify you when one of your items is on sale.

Almost 2 weeks ago I’ve launched in beta UnrealSales.io a wishlist/tracker for UnrealMarketplace that anyone can use. As promised, today I’ve launched a new feature where if one of the products you have in the list goes on sale you will receive an email to let you know. You will not get a second email for the same sale and if you added the item during a sale, you will not get notified of that sale.

What’s next on the roadmap?

  • Complete redesign to make it easier to use.
  • Support for multiple lists, move items between lists and manage your lists
  • Chrome Extension to add the button directly in the Markeplace product page.

Are you a UEMarketplace creator?
Help me promote this tool and let me help you increase your sales by adding a link to your product pages with title “Add to wishlist” and link like so UnrealSales.io Tracker _URL and when users click it, it will add it directly to their wishlist.

Hi friends,

Today I’m releasing filters for UnrealSales.io. Now you can filter your list by keywords (searching through title, description and technical features), tags (include and exclude tags) and categories. Hope you enjoy the functionality and I’m looking forward for your feedback and how to improve the filters. Currently there are a couple of improvements I would like to add in the next couple of days:

  • filter only on sale

  • save/load filter presets so you can reuse them in the future

Any more ideas?

Fantastic, going to get my wishlist all hooked up when I get home! I actually have 3 of your marketplace items in my huge folder of wishlist url’s.

Only suggestion I can think of so far would be a short list of the latest items that went on sale - even if not on your wish list. Appears to be no way to sort sale items on marketplace by newest on sale unless I’m just missing it.

I just came here to suggest that very thing.

Three minor things I noticed:
Links sometimes get ?sessionInvalidated=true tacked on loading marketplace pages, which causes the Add To Wishlist bookmark to fail until deleted off the end.
The tracker page has $ and € all mixed together
The tracker page link and delete icons are huge! (the height/width are set to “2rem” instead of “2em”)

Thanks for catching that, I’ll provide a fix soon It is fixed now

To provide conversion I need to figure out what rate are they using and how often are they updating it, I’ll ask Epic maybe I can get some hints from them.

I know I made them quite big so they can be easy to click on mobile as well but huge? If you don’t mind, can you post a screenshot?

It’s fine in chrome, firefox 68.0.2 draws weird. I do very little web stuff, I didn’t know 'til now rem was a thing :stuck_out_tongue: Poked around dev tools a little but didn’t see anything obvious.

Really nice thing, was looking for something like that ever since I discovered the Market Place.
Good work, and I’m looking forward to the new features, thank you very much :wink:

You are the best! I’ve been adding stuff to the cart like @Max2066 said but the cart has an item limit and once the overhauled the site and lost all of the contents in my cart. The marketplace is so behind it’s laughable but I can say that if you keep developing this even if they do add a wishlist I don’t think I’ll bother with using it.
That being said, if I may suggest a couple of things for further development:

  • export wishlist; in case you ever need to take down the site for any random reason you can let us backup our wishlist or even mail it to us before you take it down, nothing fancy just the links
  • follow dev; there are some really good devs out there that made a name for themselves and having a follow system that alerts us about new content would be cool
    - lists; I know you can take the tags from the marketplace but as a user you don’t have control over that and some devs spam tags (not nice) so maybe a category system where we can organize it lets say [proj_name]/[2d_sky] or even [proj_name_2d_sky] or why not only [realistic_food] just noticed it’s on the roadmap
  • list view; not a fan of this idea but it makes sense
  • account alerts; getting an email is fine but i have 3 emails and I have a random pattern of checking them but I check the marketplace almost daily so I think having the alerts show up on the wishlist account would be nice
  • UE4 plug-in; I mean… why not connect this to the engine
  • browser plug-in; clicking on bookmark is actually easy but I think having your product on different markets is good for exposure
  • monetize; I love the fact that you took the time to make this so I would love to donate, so a donate button or just sell a plug-in on UE4 marketplace, firefox plugins, chrome plugins; I think you deserve to get something out of this and if it picks up it wouldn’t be fair to pay for the traffic of the users without any support from the community.

I shared your site on a couple of facebook communities and I hope some see the same benefit as I did. Thank you for your work.

Thank you NOTO for the kind words, most of these features will be part of my next big release but I’ve been having a lot of work on my 9-5 job and progress was a bit slow. If you want to support me, please see the 3D assets in my signature that I’m selling on the marketplace, if you like something and think you can use.

Great tool @CGeorges ! :slight_smile:

I registered weeks ago for the first time, but now I can’t login with my account nor register, nor remember my password with a confirmation email, because maybe I registered with another email or something.

Maybe you could add a Contact section too, so people can easily contact you if something it’s wrong with the page.

Thank you and best regards!

Hey! This is really great! Very awesome, @CGeorges !

This is a great help, thanks for building it. I do have one question and maybe I’m just not seeing it. Is the UE Marketplace different depending on what region it’s in? I ask because I’m in the US and I see some items on my list as on sale but when I go to them on the MP, they are not. Anyway to filter by region?

Hi @CGeorges ,

Do you continue with it?

I’m still not able to login, since months ago, even if I reset my password, it always keep saying something doesn’t match.


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Hi Miguel,

It should work fine, can you send me a private message with the email you used to register and I can check and see what the issue is.

I have exactly the same issue this year.
@CGeorges, I sent you private messages with email