Unreal Marketplace checkout not working

I cant get the Unreal Marketplace checkout to work since yesterday I was browsing through some free UE4 levels on the Epic Games program but when I go to the checkout I just get a black window with no options to download. I also have this problem when I try to download them from the Unreal Marketplace website. I did an internet search and I noticed that there are other UE4 users experiencing the game problem. Is there any way to fix this?

I’ve been also having this problem as well and haven’t found a solution to fix this. It seems to be a server error on their end failing to load the shopping cart resources. Hopefully they can fix this fast as I’ve been having this go on for about 3 days now.

Do you still have the problem?
I’m completely new to UE, and i have the same issue.

I add some free stuff to cart but when i press checkout nothing happens.
Funny enough, yesterday i was checking out the CryEngine, and its marketplace was having similar issues.

Btw, i was able to download Scifi Hallway and Open World Demo Collection, but after that the procedure somehow changed?

Their checkout doesn’t appear to work with Chrome. Much as I am sad to say, it worked fro Edge.