unreal market updating assets question.

Unreal market is great, but heres my problem. I move all assets bought on the market to 1 directory in my project. And I have started using the assets in my level, but now there is an update to the assets. If i try to migrate it over it basically wont be in that directory at all and will be in a new directory… For obvious reasons thats where it originally was. But my question is how do i keep the assets in my level and still update them? I try to drag and drop the directory to over write, but it wont let me do that… so what now? The answer cant be redo your level from scratch.

When the names of the assets are still the same, you should be abel to just drag and drop the folder into your own project + overwrite the old folders -> what exactly do you mean with “it wont let me do that”? :slight_smile:
But make sure to always create a backup of your project!!!

I mean I get this error when i try to over write the directory with the other directory.

Hmm, strange…have you closed the editor before you tried to overwrite the assets?

I am attempting to overwrite within the editor. Usually i move a directory and then fix redirectors. And then move what else needs to be moved etc etc… sometiems relaunching the editor and then fixing redirectors is necessary so nothing is utilizing it in memory or something… i dont know… Its a pretty ugly way of moving stuff that unreal has, but i found a way to make that work proper. This updating stuff though not working so much…

Try to move it outside of the editor -> so just copy the folder - open your project folder - paste it (as long as the folder structure hasn’t changed, it should work) :slight_smile:

Thats somewhat of a messed up thing as well because… heres the weird thing… unreal shoudl have deleted this old directory im trying to move stuff too… i did the fix redirectors and deleted the directory before that… but in windows that directory exists with its uasset files… at least some of them lol… So now the question is … if i over write this in windows… will i have everything in the editor or will the editor see certain files as deleted since apparently it already sees some uasset files currently as not existing in the editor?

Thanks that looks like it worked.

On 2nd thought… no that didnt work… when i delete the main directory for the most part and all its files… and keep the moved directory… first thing i try to do is reimport the original location… by clicking add to project… well… when its reimported… the package is actually MISSING FILES. liek the maps folder is gone and the umap files dont exist even though i added the project.!

Think epic really needs to get their act together with this stuff if they expect their asset store to keep a good reputation.

Any ideas of what else i could try?

Update* now the maps appear after i close and relaunch the editor… But still having trouble updating the new directory structure… copying it just doesnt work… now every model in my map has disappeared like it cant find em…

So basically when i drag and drop into the new directory to overwrite… whe ni open up unreal… none of the materials or textures are linked up to the meshes…
So your way definently breaks the conenctions… the structure is still the same, but its broke… Im actually getting a little ******… no one likes to spend 4-5 hours try to fix stuff when that time should be on actually creating art.

Another update… instead of replacing it … i deleted every directory that was from this asset pack… Did not modify the map. Then i readded it… and relocated the asset pack directory to where it was suppposed to be for the map… and so far so good in my map… like it picked it up proper.