Unreal MARK

I develop Unreal MARK to learn some of the fundamentals (and specifics) of the Unreal Engine 4. And want to release a whole finished project at the same time. I’m not going to make new demos, but instead just use those from Epic Games.

Done for 0.3.0: Pre-Alpha
• Given a user determined target FPS, “Drop” displays how many seconds the FPS dropped bellow that target FPS.
• Results are calculated via Blueprints. Frames, time, current FPS, average FPS, min and max FPS.
• Reflections demo migrated for the main menu as an infinite loop in the background: Replaced all spots lights with cylindrical point lights. Floating lights removed and increased indirect lighting. Three new posters added, and some posters are moved around. Steam particle system added to cast dynamic light at the entrance. Removed some architecture in front of the gate, so that the gate’s signs cast shadow, too.

Minimum System
• Windows 64Bit OS, Vista or higher.
• DirectX 11 compatible graphics card.
• 1280x720 desktop resolution.

Note on Versioning
Mind that I don’t use the format “major.minor.build.revision”. I use a custom format that is [Major Release].[Development Stage(as integer)].[Build]: [Development Stage(as string)] - [Build Note]
[Major Release]*
Counts an actual release starting with the usual numeral 1 if previous Greek alphabet named development stages are done. If this was going to be a game, an add-on would increase the [Major Release] count, too.

[Development Stage]
This is a countdown that ranges from 3 to 0.

3 stands for Pre-Alpha
(Setup of a crude program base (source code, Blueprints, technical engine assets) that comes with some feature implementations)

2 stands for Alpha
(Mostly about feature implementation on a more refined or even more advanced program base if needed. Some debugging)

1 stands for Beta

  • (Heavy debugging, minor feature implementations a.k.a. polish)*

0 stands for Release
(Mandatory post release debugging. Increases [Major Release] by one)

Always resets to 0 if [Development Stage] changed.


Some screenshots of the tweaked Epic’s Reflections demo as a looping matinee background in the main menu.

A new poster for the demon hordes have returned! :0

It’s a bit brighter now. Cylindrical point lights instead of spot lights. More indirect lighting.

Dynamic particle shadows. Direct reflection of the Epic Games poster. Sadly I couldn’t make the shadows inside the station work. It seems that only one directional light is able to cast particle shadows?! The particle shadow always got mixed with the shadows that are cast by the structure.

The benchmark results for my computer which is a i5 6600 and a GTX 970 rig, are below. The settings are all set to Epic. The target FPS is 60 for the new “Drop” results.

Ignore that “Throughput”, it is not useful. It turned out to be just a percentage based version of average FPS. Not what I originally had int mind, actually.

1920x1080 resolution.

2560x1440 resolution.

No, a GTX 970 ain’t so great for 1440p. :confused: