Unreal limitations for level making Goldeneye

Hey everyone, I’m wanting to recreate levels in UE4. I’m very new to UE4; I’ve mostly just watched tutorials at this point. If I start on a project like trying to visually recreate a level from the N64’s Goldeneye, what limitations would I run into if I stay within UE4? Like, would I not be able to make good enough 3D models, or would I need other softwares to and sources for textures? I know there aren’t that many in the sample pack. I hear about people using softwares like blender, 3Dmax, etc., and I’m not sure if that’s a necessity or not.
I used to make texture packs for N64, and I even started one for Goldeneye and finished a couple of levels, but I would love to branch out and start using this software.

Thanks for any any and all replies :slight_smile:

It’s a 21 year old game, there are no engine limitations to making it. You’re going to need, at the very least, another program to make textures though, for something that old you can probably get away with a lot of BSP if you don’t want to learn how to model things.It would be better for you to learn how to make basic 3d art before getting into any of this though, it’ll help you significantly at every step along the way.

Hey, thank you for replying Zero-Night! I appreciate it. Okay. I will go ahead and look into BSP. Also, do you have any recommendations as a starting place for making basic 3D art, whether your recommendation be YouTube, a software, website, forum, etc.?

Thanks so much!

Maybe look up some Blender tutorials on Youtube to start out. It’s been a while since I’ve had to look up a tutorial for modeling but there’s bound to be something on there you can use.

Nothing you’ll need to make is going to be really complex, if you take a look at a room like this, you can honestly probably finish the modeling for it in less than 10 minutes:

Hey, thanks again Zero-Night for replying. I appreciate the support and guidance. I’ve taken your advice and I’ve been looking at several tutorials and have been practicing already! It’s really nice that both Unreal Engine and Blender are free.

I’d say it also depends a lot on what you aim for: exact recreation or reimagination.

If you want 1:1 replications of the old maps the modelling will be a piece of cake.
The harder part is to make it look like the original.

  1. the regular Lighting in UE4 is quite different from what was used in GE64.
  2. if you wanna recreate the Levels with accuracy, then you will discover that some of the rooms in some maps slightly truncate each other.
    This wasn’t an issue in the original since the rooms that truncated were never loaded into the world at the same time.

This custom Multiplayer map is a good example for this behavior:

If you just want to take the basic map layout as a base for a reimagination with more details, this can become quite a big task in terms of asset creation.
Ofc. the issues you run into with a 1:1 recreation won’t apply to a reimagination, since you can take your liberties, use better lighting and even change/improve the Layout

Here’s a quick comparison of facility:

original facility
reimagination in UE4
another reimagination rendered in a 3d programm
Goldeneye Source