Unreal learning path for a Unity developer?

Hi guys,

I’ve been developing with Unity now for more than three years but I need to say
that I’m really struggling with Unreal.

I start a tutorial here and another tutorial there but… meh.
I feel the tutorials I did are too focused on building a project and fail to explain the engine

On the other side I’m a bit overwhelmed (and honestly shocked) by all the stuff I see when
scanning the code of UObject, UActor, GameMode, etc. A lot of already integrated network
stuff and flags giving me more the feeling of working with an arena-shooter-engine than
working with a general-purpose engine.
(Unity sure has its flaws - if it hadn’t I wouldn’t care about Unreal - yet I’m probably
a bit spoiled by it’s pretty clean API).

I also found some wiki pages comparing the (then not too different basic concepts) of Unity
and Unreal… but as soon as I start a tutorial I realize that I know nothing about the way the
engine wants to be used.

So… do you have any recommendations for me?
Does someone has a similar background? How did you get REALLY started then?

Perhaps you should start out in Blueprints only first? I am new to UE4 but am very impressed at how far I’ve come using just blueprints. After you get familiar with blueprints, and learn the engine, then you should move into C++.

The nice thing about unreal that unity doesn’t have in my opinion, is a framework in place that is actually ment for games. FPS its common, but definitely not the only thing it can do. The advice I would give you is to not think “how do I do this thing that I can do in unity?” Think of what you need first without respect to unity (some things like player controllers and game modes don’t translate on the engine level), if no tutorial its quite on the spot look at the example projects in the launcher. Odds are that one of them is using a technique that you want to use.