Unreal Launcher not starting

I have been using Unreal for a few months and a few days ago the launcher stopped displaying when I clicked on it. I was still able to run the engine from project files but the launcher doesn’t open and doesn’t give any error. I tried uninstalling everything and re-installing it and now I cant even use the engine with my project files.

I am on windows 8.1 and have updated graphics drivers. I have tried everything I can think of and everything I have found on the forms but nothing is working. I have my DxDiag and Verbose log files attached

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Howdy SeanG1987,

I am closing this issue due to it being a duplicate of another post that you have submitted. Here is a link to that post: Unreal Launcher not starting - Getting Started - Unreal Engine Forums.

Please use that question to post on.

Thanks and have a great day!