Unreal keeps importing Blender model in several pieces instead of one model, how to not?

First time posting, hi! Sorry if my username offends anyone, I made this email and first attempted Unreal when I was an edgy teen and I guess I’m stuck with it.

So I’ve finally started making my own assets in Blender instead of just using stuff from the starter content and Unreal Marketplace, though they have some really neat stuff. This was nothing fancy, just a cube connected to four smaller cubes since it’s been a long time and I’m relearning everything.

I imported it to FBX, saved it to my desktop and then imported it to Unreal (just clicked the Import button, didn’t change any settings).

However, all the cubes in the Blender model imported as five separate cubes instead of one asset. What do I do in order to import the whole thing as one object?

You have to either merge your cube models in blender into a single object, or when importing to UE4 there is a checkbox on importsettings to merge all models to a single mesh.