Unreal Keeps Crashing On Imports

Hi, in the unreal engine whenever I try to import any models or anything in general. What happens is that when the import is almost done the engine just crashes no matter what I do.

Make sure to post your crash log (documents-project-saved-logs-the file which gets generated after the crash) + post it on answerhub :slight_smile:
Also which version do you use?

Thanks for the quick reply. I am using 4.7.2 (Most Recent). Also thanks for providing such great tutorials!

This is what I found in the fatal error section of the log.

Anybody Know?

I’m also getting a crash in 4.7.2 when I try to import a Maximo character. (I’ve not tried to import anything else).

I’ve submitted a crash log.

Make sure to report it on answerhub. :slight_smile:
Post the link to the answerhub question in here