Unreal keeps crashing everytime I try to import from Blender

Okay, for some reason importing stuff into Unreal with BLender is random. I don’t know why, but some Armatures and animations import fine, others just crash it. I imported a character with an Armature and animations, not a problem. I’m trying to import a door with an armature and it crashes. I select on “Import Mesh” and “import Skeletal Meshes” and leave everything as it is, just like how I did with the character. But for some reason, as soon as I click on Import, the bar will appear and stop at 75% and after some seconds it crashes and asks me to send the crash report.

Does anoyne use Blender around here? Can you import stuff into Unreal? This has been very frustrating!

What is it that you people do or am I doing something wrong?

I really need some help with this, I can’t figure it out.

I have the exact same problem since the update 7.14
What version of FBX do you use in blender? FBX 7.4 binary? Because when I try with FBX 6.1 ASCII it doesn’t crash but I have’nt the same options than with 7.4.

If a program (in this case the UE4 editor) is crashing then it’s the fault of that program and not the fault of the 3D app. It’s an UE4 bug and even happens with other apps like C4D in the current 4.14 version. Even if you feed the UE4 editor a hamburger it may never ever crash. It may only tell you that id does not support that and if it’s nice it would tell you the reason. Crash means coder made a bug. Happens. Send them a crash-report …or even better create an answerhub post and link them the fbx if possible so it’s easier for them to reproduce why this happen.

Did you try with UE 4.13? Import with UE 4.13 worked way better and you could even migrate afterwards (without crash) from 4.13 to 4.14.

I’ve experienced something similar when exporting from C4D R17.048 with fbx 7.4.
The import crashed the editor at 75%.

Sure Unreal shouldn’t crash and rather tell you e.g.: Import failed - fbx version 7.x not supported
and since this issue happens with fbx exports from different programms, i guess the bug is really on the Unreal end.
Or else two different coders of two different Exporters for two different Programms must have made the same mistake.

6.1 version works fine with UE4 . that is correct it should be used instead of 7.4