Unreal.js work with Blueprint projects?


I need run Blueprint project in browser via HTML5
Since Unreal.js installing from EpicGamesLauncher, should I have to carry out Building plugin process
described here: [Building the plugin · ncsoft/Unreal.js Wiki · GitHub] ?
It said, that after building plugin, I can use it in Bluprint project too, but yet only C++ projects is launch in HTML5.
I don’t fully understand, because the folder described in that link[…\Plugins\UnrealJS\Binaries\Win64] does not exist, but [ProjectFolder\Binaries\Win64] it is! And there is UE4Editor-MyProject5.dll.
Shall i create same folder structure in Bluprint project and copy this dll there with rename???

Building the plugin · ncsoft/Unreal.js Wiki · GitHub


Are you stating that you are unable to launch a full blueprint project in HTML5 but you can launch a full code project in HTML5 when you’re using a third party plugin?


For now, unreal.js doesn’t support HTML5 platform. :frowning: BTW, I think BP project should be run in your browser)

, thank for answer.

I’m newbie in UE and my English too :slight_smile:
So, that… You mean convert Blueprint project to C++ and then trying to launch it in browser?
Unreal.js is third party plugin? I’m totally confused.
Yes, C++ project is runing! But i need Blueprint project.
In past message i broke the link, sorry. Now it’s correct. And it say:
You can then start using the plugin in the project or copy the built plugin folder to a different UE project (Blueprint or C++) and use it there

Thank You!

Maybe I got something wrong. How it doesn’t support? You say that project should be run! Sorry if i misunderstand, but…

BP(without js) should be fine with HTML5. But unreal.js cannot run under browsers because its v8 engine doesn’t fit in.

Tnak You, nako_sung!

You say: BP(without js) should be fine with HTML5

So, I don’t need to install Unreal.js plugin for launch my projects in browser?
sorry for noob question.

If you create a project with visual blueprint or using C++, you should be able to package for HTML5 and it should run on your website/server. When you launch or package a blueprint project, you should not run into any trouble.

It’s possible that the Unreal.JS doesn’t work with HTML5 right now. We do not support 3rd party plugins so you’d need to discuss with NCSoft further about this if what Nako_Sung provided below wasn’t sufficient.

Thank you! :slight_smile: