Unreal.JS + Typescript Toolkit

Hi all!

Here to showcase-present you with a toolkit for working with Unreal.JS (the JavaScript runtime plugin for UE4). The toolkit lets you use full-on typescript to develop projects. It features its TypeScript compiler written with babel, custom typing support, and its own CLI. The project was built with one goal in mind - help ease the development with Unreal.JS. No weird class compilations, full typescript support, custom extension to support decorations (or the so-called “macros”), and a CLI tool to generate some boilerplate.

Here’s a link to the project’s repository. Its README will contain a lot more information around the philosophy, the reasoning and the goal behind it.

While there are some weird caveats, I think it might have a lot of potential.
If you think it might help you, go ahead and try it out! Open an issue if having trouble getting something to work or need help explaining the why’s of some things!

I’m sure this will drive some of the C++ Veterans crazy.
How’s the performance?
How exactly is it implemented ?

Best regards

Python better than JavaScript change my mind

The point isn’t to cause a Language discussion, everyone should focus on what they’re personal comfortable with.