Unreal is only importing the top-most layer of UV's

I’m getting infinitely frustrated with this problem, I create a UV map for my material layout in 3DS and assign it to Mapping layer 1 in 3DS, no problem.

I then create a second set of UV’s with another UVUnwrap modifier in 3DS, and unwrap that for the lightmap, again, no problem.

The problem is, when I import the mesh into UE4, it only imports the top-most layer of UV’s as channel 0, and ignores the others completely. I can’t seem to import both UV channels at once, any ideas why that is? Getting infinitely frustrated with this now and there doesn’t seem to be any fix. Using UE 4.0.2.

What’s odd is, all the other models I’ve made this way have been working fine!

Try to name your uv’s to UVW1 and UVW2 this will help UE4 read them better.

Hi Justin, how do I go about that in 3DS Max?

maybe like this:

I know THAT lol, but for some reason UE4 is only importing one layer. Must be some corruption somewhere in my 3DS File, I’ll have to re-do it :frowning:

Okay, turns out it’s 3DS’ exporter that was causing the problem, for some reason you need to give both UV sets different textures. So just adding _(2) to the .FBX file (in ASCII format) splits the channels up again properly. Bit hands-on and frustrating but at least it’s sorted now.