Unreal is killing my Mac please Help

I don’t know if I am in the correct place, probably somebody have already asked this before, I am baby to Unreal. Just want to know any advice about how to cool down my Mbp. I am no in the satiation for changing a workstation just yet. So i have to stick with the laptop. I literarily just opened up a roll ball template, nothing have done, but my mac fans are spinning around 4500 RPM constantly and all 8 cores are at 158**°F. very distracting. **
Engine Version: 4.24.3
Mbp : 16-inch 2019 : 16g Ram : 2.3 GHz 8-Core i9 : AMD Radeon pro 5500m 4gb
OS: Catalina 10.15.4
I mean it’s a decent laptop already, what else can I do ? I am using an ice pad under my laptop now. Are there any setting in the engine or anything ?
Thank you all in advance.

Laptops aren’t optimized for cooling, so doing something graphics intensive like UE4 is going to push the cooling quite a bit. Also, probably not a good idea to put ice underneath it, that can create condensation in the machine which wouldn’t be good.

gotcha! gotta switch to PC i guess. thank you

Hi. You can tune scalability settings to improve viewport perfomance.

yes, even on a mac mini its getting very hot:-) no, after all we changed to iMacs and PCs and that works fine.

Yea i did changed the setting, even with low quality still didn’t quite help, thanks anyway buddy. I found an app called turbo boost to turn off to disable the CPU a bit. That somewhat made it little bearable fan noise. donno if that would hurt the laptop tho.