Unreal Insights: Memory Insight reporting discrepancy

I’ve been trying to get an idea on the memory usage of different categories of assets and features in UE5, at least general ballparks and high watermarks. In so doing I’ve grabbed the Memory Insights tool and run the game through editor with the required command line parameters. The results I am seeing be reported seem to lack internal consistency. I’ve included an example below where the reported RenderTarget pool indicates a high watermark of 1.4GiB (which seems high but reasonable depending on what is in it) but the query on allocations indicates an allocated size of 366KiB, which is clearly wrong for RenderTargets.

Note: These discrepancies are present in all fields, I’ve just highlighted render targets as a clear example.

One potential source of error for the counters could be another issue I see in the untracked memory. It appears to drop substantially below zero, going as low as -8GiB, indicating some issue with the counters.