Unreal Immersive, real-time collaboration platform for gamers and devs or VR editor 2.0

Hi. I have seen in other threads, people that succesfully made plug-ins that permitted devs to work together on the same map, in real time.
What if Epic does a plug-in for UE4, that does similar things like most Second Life clients/servers do ?
So, for example, some players or devs host some special world development servers. One player creates his character, add its mesh, create its blueprints and mark some of their variables or function inputs to be changed or triggered by other blueprint events in the world.
Your character could posses things, in order to play minigames in that world.
If a studio or a guild of players host an Unreal server, they could hold left click on an asset, and see its blueprints nodes, and other details. They could also change different versions of graphs for that bp. and see some older functionality. (Interractive source controll)

If, for example, you go in a virtuall village and see an asset you like, you could buy it right from the Unreal Marketplace. Same for some minigames you play in the world. 
This could ultimately be good for Epic, because a new wave of players could come to Unreal ecosistem and spend money on assets. Also, the system would encourage people to be creative and develop more because of the social factor. What do you think ? This could also be applied to VR editor.