Unreal II: The Awakening sequel on UE4 ?

Greetings everyone. Everyone here is loving UE4, using it and tryinf to make and release their own games and Epic is happy about it. But I feel something is missing from this party. The esequel to your major series having the name of engine itself: UNREAL. I know you are developping Fortninte and Unreal Tournament (withe help of fans) but still this not enough. We need your major blockbuster game to come back to portray the best use of your engine. I know you are busy improving your engine but you need to go back making AAA games either a new Unreal or other AAA IPs and why not both since you no longer own Gears Of War. I hope you are making games based on Samaritan/Infiltrator demos also about The Elemntal/Cave demos. There is no way they are just here to showw off the engine and I am sure their are part of games in development :wink:

Please promise us that you are making at least one AAA game. Thanks

I think Unreal II should be undone and remade, because it had enouth quality. Story of it is similar to DNF, project nearly died mid way and was revived by 3rd party Legend Entertainment, because of that game feels incompleate, when you progress in the game the quality drops by every level you pass, because game just been glued from asset it already had. Considering how Unreal II was done i don’t really see Epic doing it, which is shame because unlike arc nemesis Quake, Unreal lore was a lot better story material.

Besides lot of people don’t even remember original Unreal, they think this engine was made for UT99, which ironically was made because multiplayer was not good in original Unreal.

Do you mean remake of Unreal 2 powered by Unreal Engine 4?