UNREAL - How to keep running timeline from level 1, in level 2 with Instances if character switches?

Hi, i have a timeline that starts a countdown, this timeline runs on main character BP at level 1, all values are also stored at Game Instances BP, when level 2 loads it changes main character BP and switches to a pawn BP, my problem is my countdown, even if values are instanced with game instances, since timeline is inside main character, when level 2 starts, time stored at the moment do shows, BUT it doesn´t make the countdown, time appears like simple numbers without going back, because the timeline is inside main character.

How to make variables work as instances, when they depend on a timeline to work? here is my BP:

Please help with BP images, thanks

I might be wrong, but I think you need a Gate and drag from where your completion is to Reset creating a constant loop. As you already set your var in a Game Inst. That should be it. maybe… :rolleyes:

Edit: Sorry just read more of you post and you say you did this node system in your main player, but if you posses another pawn, then your main player did to and wouldn’t have the code. Would have to be redone as secondary in new player pawn or referenced in the new player pawn. I’d run count downs in you Level BP. Makes it easier. In my opinion.

I tried to remake the countdown at the pawn BP… instead of truncate from X, take that value from the instance, but really i have no idea what im doing LOL, it just doesn´t work, it doesn´t take the time going at the momento i change from level 1 from character to pawn, it just starts a new countdown, aniway if i return from level 2 to level 1, how is my character going to also continue with the time it had at level 2?

I´m so confused, if you have any idea, please share a BP for help, since i´m not a pro yet, LOL

What I would do is have a var for Current time and Set the counter to the current time var on Level 2 Begin Play. Kind of like passing the info along to level 2’s display/HUD. I assume you have the text bind call a time var. If you need to, make another like i said and copy the time on when it switches from one level to the next. Does that make sense? So say for example, I want to save the number of clicks the mouse makes on level 1 and start from the last click logged on level 1 to start on level 2 and so. I would log the clicks on feed them to the new var to handle the update and thus allow updated clicks keeping the ones before it. Like money.

Many ways of achieving this,


It really depends on the way you are wanting to use it.

Passing the current time to the game instance and into the new timeline is going to be your simplest and easiest bet.

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Its complicated because this is not a linear time, it changes depending on what the player does…

Everything could be easier if in the game we had a level BP or game instance where we could create a Begin play node/ timelines and everything else running all the time, without worry the level where whe are, sadly i canot make this nodes at the widget or the game instance BP… where ther is not even a “begin play” node… but let me try this concept, and i´ll feed back, thanks.