Unreal + Houdini Engine Question

i know it just got released but my question is very technical. imagine if i used it to create 100% of my models, VFX, dynamics and individually bring everything in Unreal with Houdini engine, will that crash the program? my thing is. building an entire game just off the Houdini Engine smart assets? is that a good idea? thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated

i guess it should be asked on SideFX forum. AFAIK Houdini Engine is unstable for UE4 and there is no support for UE 4.8 at the moment.

As Houdini Engine for UE4 is still in Beta, it might not be good idea to build whole game around it. It do support 4.8, and can bake to blueprint now, but the whole baking workflow is still not idea imho.