Unreal Haskell

I’m just starting out. Going to journal the production over here: Hopefully I’m not the only one who wants to make game logic in pure functional programming. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll admit I’m not interested in a using functional programming language. But I’ve read great things about it and am open minded, I just don’t want to invest the time. What I like about this is someone is actually going off and doing it rather than evangelize it.

That would be extremely awesome.

Yes, very interesting project! Good luck!

Oddly, my motivation is kind of the same. I invested a lot of time learning functional programming, and don’t want to invest in learning C++.

You could also have a look at .It is more a C++ with functional features like ADT’s pattern, matching, iterators, Options, Result, let bindings etc. I always thought about integrating it into Ue4 but I haven’t had the time.

Do it! I need it :3

I looked at Rust. It does look like a nice language, and I’d love to see more language options for UE4; but its still an imperative language with mutables and implicit effects. Part of the reason for using Haskell is that its referentially transparent, which should make it work with Blueprints without risk of implicit mutation (Blueprints also seem to be referentially transparent).

Unfortunately they are not. Here are some infos:

Ok, so I agree 100%. But I don’t think it violates referential transparency, but it does mean that the word “pure” is being misused and the execution wires are insufficient to document side effects.

Are you still interested in this? My main motivation for using Haskell in Unreal is AI.

This would be great if you can do it.