Unreal Game Engine Lesson Plans

Are there any teachers who are willing to share their scheme of work or lesson plans on how they integrated the engine into their teaching?

I teach 11 - 16 years olds and plan to begin in the near future.

Any other advice offered by educators/teachers would be much appreciated.


Hi Mate,

Did you find much in regards to a lesson plan?
I’m also am thinking of introducing UE4 to a similar age group of students (14-16).
I had a few thoughts in mind just from looking around forums, a sideways runner game involving sprites and then introducing interactive objects.
Or a first person 1v1 map, or a maze map they could all try and copy, then introduce interactive objects such as light switches, doors, buttons.

The projects would have to be measurable, and achievable within the class time frames while making sure they understand concepts such as programming and troubleshooting.