Unreal freezes

I was procedurally generating planes. (100x100x0) and created a 128x128 grid of them in blueprint.

It locked up UE4, I can close UE4, but anytime I open the level it just locks up again. Is there any way to change the mapSize variable outside of the engine or prevent it from locking up so I can go back to working on it?

I think the issue in this case has less to do with the map size and more with the fact that you are spawning 16,384 actors simultaneously.

The mapSize variable controls how many actors are being spawned. I apologize for any confusion. Being able to delete, empty, or change that variable I could easily fix the problem.

You should be able to just make two ints within the blueprint for each axis (X and Y) and have the blueprint spawn the objects in each direction based on the size of these variables. I could better understand the situation if you posted your code.

Hi Quartaroy,

If you reduce the amount of data being processed immediately, do you still experience this editor freeze? If so, please post this to the answerhub at so we can better assist you. Thank you!