Unreal freezes my PC in Windows 10


Since I installed Windows 10, Unreal freezes my PC. I can’t move the cursor, open task manager or anything else. All I can do is reboot my PC. But it happens just in the scene viewport, for example, I’m working with a shader, everything is ok, back to the scene and… freeze. Or just I have Unreal minimized while working on a texture or reading documentation, and when back to Unreal, boom, freeze. Also, it starts eating my RAM, reaching 8 or 9 GB.

My workmates are having similar issues.

Hi Darxen,

Would you send me your dxdiag info?

Are you attempting to run with DirectX12?



The problem is solved with a Windows update, I don’t know why.

Thank you.

Awesome, thanks for updating the post…and windows