Unreal for Product Demonstrations

I am new to Unreal and have checked the forum and also google for an answer to the above question, but did not find any.
My question is
Can Unreal be used for Demonstrating a product or for a product training purpose. At at very very basic level, it could be say a simple photocopier. There could be various uses:

a. At the initial level, the sales person can demonstrate the product to the customers - showing various features in it.
b. At an intermediary level, the company could use this to train thier employees on the equipment without physically touching the actual unit.
c. At an advanced level, there could be a game the users play - at the end of which he/she is given a score for using the equipment.

Of course, I do not have a photocopier in mind - it could be an advanced Medical equipment or anything.
Has anyone done something in these lines? If so, can you share the links if any.


That falls under enterprise use and is allowed, free of royalties.

What does “Unreal Engine for enterprise” mean?
When we talk about “enterprise,” we are simply differentiating between those who use Unreal Engine for games and interactive entertainment applications, and those who use (or are looking to use) Unreal Engine for things like automotive visualisation, architectural visualization (arch viz), data presentations, linear entertainment or any one of a thousand other uses that don’t fit into the wider category of games.