Unreal for non gaming (short movies) / Mixano and Fuse

I’ve spent about 20 hours learning unreal. Still a newbie. I’d like to use Unreal Engine for short movies / experiences. I currently own the full Adobe suite including Fuse. I’ve read Unreal Engine no longer supports Mixano. Curious to know your opinion on what I should use for character creation for characters in movies? While learning I just want to get off on the right foot learning the right tools instead of wasting months using a bad set of tools. Should I use Fuse, Blender, Mixano, open to any ideas.

ZBrush with the commercial ZBuilder plugin lets you create many characters from a base mesh with morph targets presets. Bondware Poser 11.2 Pro is another good morphing tool option. Both options would then need the models to be optimized with some sculpting and properly painted. Akeytsu is a good rigging software otherwise there are some cheaper rigging addons/plugins for Blender. There are some cheaper Blender sculpting plugins too useful for characters creation and rigging, then using the cheap Armor Paint for PBR painting.