Unreal for everything

Hi forums,

I am the only one, who think about a full 3d consolidation inside unreal, I am working right now to improve my office workflow, and I have some experience programming tools for that, in the past I use autodesk products for a long while, personally I moved everything to Modo, because it is better, simple like that, obviously for work I have to work with autodesk again, no big deal, I am using my old friend maya, and I restart my learning path in Maya c++ and python to create faster iterations through maya and UE, but to be honest right now, autodesk products, not only maya, are jokes, the API is one of the worst ever hehe, (my apologies but is true), no methodology, no congruence, I know they have a lot of baggage, since their products have like 20 years, but hey! that is an excuse, all we know that ue4 come from udk, less history of course but with a total reboot, (everybody know, once in a while if something does not work properly, lets rebuild it from scratch, basic software survival skill), then I watched this video from the UE channel UE4 Animation and Physics Technical Showcase | GDC 2017 | Unreal Engine - YouTube, (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ it will wonderfull have this kind of tools inside unreal, not only for animation, also for modelling, personally I jump with happiness!

Now analyzing everything, we don’t need tools for particles or fluids strong simulations (not now for current tech of course), I will be happy if we have a modelling tool, a texture painter, and a texture baker,(last two already exists inside UE:rolleyes: ) in the video Mr Tom said that you do not have any intention to replace the actual tools in the market, but I think you must!!!, hey I know that could be very challenging but I know is possible as well, call me a dreamer if you want, JA


It’s still the case that there’s other programs that do it well and it wouldn’t be that much value to replicate them in the engine

I am the one who really is lazy even to move my mouse from one side of the screen to the another, (the future is procedural, even art), please do not misunderstand, I never said replicate, I said tools for faster iterations, inside the video they show us some pipeline graphs, pretty sure that everything can be faster if you have “super specialized tools” , meant only for video games and real-time.

and just as an extra comment, I truly believe that everything can be done programmatically (EVERYTHING)