Unreal for Environment base) Then export into Blender

Hey all,

is there anyway to have a workflow where I create the environment in Unreal and then export that environment WITH textures
into Blender with all the textures attached, no hassle

To then do architecture modeling, and whatnot in blender to render there for the final?

So far all I see is Blender to Unreal but nothing the other way around

No. Specifically, the part about “all textures attached, no hassle” does not work. You can export meshes as FBX and you can export textures as image files, but you can’t do it all in one step.

Is there a reason why UE seems to have bridges from Maya, blender, etc to them but dont give the same consideration to the opposite way?

Like anything, if there were enough people that needed a feature they would probably add it in.

Also, as far as exporting goes, materials wouldn’t really export either since they’d need to be converted to the materials that the target program uses. For example the Datasmith tool uses a plugin for each program to properly translate their materials to UE4, but you’d need something similar to go back the other way.