Unreal for 2D Top Down RPG?

I’m currently planning a 2D Top Down RPG with a retro 8-Bit art style. I’m wondering if I should make this with Unreal Engine (Know my way around it, made other games with it, etc.) or a different engine. Unity, GMS2, Godot, etc. (Would have to learn these from scratch.
And I can’t spend $99 on a plugin.
Any Ideas?

game maker or godot. there are both relatively light weight and there is tons of support on both.

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You can certainly go to another engine that’s not a bad option. Unreal is a bit complicated with it’s 2d development. you really need to approach it as a 3d game made to look 2d.
however if you can, your able to get the full power of unreal to do some pretty cool stuff.

this is my current project a 2d Top down RPG.
Using Lighting, Ai Navmeshs for NPC and Vehicle traffic to make world feel lived in


^This^… Using Unreal for 2D feels a bit like taking the engine out of a Ferrari / Lambo and putting it in a Beetle or something. Its overkill and the wrong tool for the job. (just 2.5c). :innocent:

You can learn Godot over a weekend (a long weekend maybe if you go out on the pi-ss)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t it be crazy if 2d support was better? It’s not a Ferrari engine in a beetle, it’s a Bugatti engine inside a cardboard box. It’s just overly difficult to do things in paper2d. I wish they focused more on that, because many people would love to tap into 2d games but don’t want to have to learn a new engine