Unreal files in App Data folder bloating storage

I’ve been chasing down why my 500 GB C drive is running low on storage, nothing visible in Storage settings (Windows 10) accounting for but half of my storage space. Though this article speaks to some 8 GB in my Vault Cache folder, I kept hunting for a remaining 220 GB hiding somewhere, then found it within [User Name]\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine. I see subfolders for every engine version I’ve ever run on this PC, only two of which I currently have loaded, am tempted to simply delete the unwanted ones at the Directory level, but know how fussy Unreal is rearranging the furniture at the system level. Is there a way to manage this inside of Unreal, or is it okay to delete from Directory? Lastly, but most importantly, the real culprit is the Common folder. I haven no clue what type of data it contains , how critical and to what, nor how to manage it. Thanks for ideas!

Most likely it contains the cache. You probably can delete this folder without any consequences and the unreal engine will recreate the files that it needs.
Version folders contain config files for your engine.
But I recommend you create a backup in case anything breaks.

Thanks. Creating a new user and launching the game took hours, but packaging then succeeded. Onward.

My SSD storage was getting out of disk space. I was wondering why. Now it’s time to delete.

Hi, which is this program? Thank you @DryreL

I think it should be TreeSize