Unreal Fest 2022?

Hi UE team!

Just wanted to put out the feelers for whether there are any plans for Unreal Fest 2022?

Would like to start planning logistics for the conference if it is indeed planned.

TIA :slight_smile:

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I doubt it, that unknown disease of unknown origin is still on rampage.
So unless you are british government you cannot make big party.

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I would immediately buy a ticket for it… one can dream

If anyone from Epic is monitoring, with the release of 5 it would seem ideal to get something going for 22. Digital if logistics are still too difficult but networking at this time would be really valuable.

I doubt this will or could happen (before november or so). Preparing event like this takes months, if Epic was planning it before summer we would know by now. So if this will happen at all this year it would be right before xmass.

And yes unreal fest was great fun.

They announced a call for submissions today and said it will have a “live audience:” https://www.linkedin.com/posts/unreal-engine-for-design-visualization_unreal-fest-2022-call-for-proposals-submission-activity-6945364780081721344-1IC5?utm_source=linkedin_share&utm_medium=member_desktop_web

Submission Application Form: https://www.questionpro.com/a/TakeSurvey?tt=Bbof2Ua/MXEECHrPeIW9eQ%3D%3D

Wonder when and where it will be?

but do the unreal fest in VR? I don’t think it takes that long to build a festival in VR since VR will be the future it would be nice to anticipate the times with the excuse of the 1000-named disease and global badtrip paranoia abaut it win win

It’s October 17-20 in New Orleans.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnrealEngine/status/1549760588686974979

Not a new post but new to me, didn’t see it til today lol

From an Unreal news e-mail:

Save the date now!
New Orleans

October 17 - 20
Unreal Fest is back in person! If you’re not familiar with the event, it originated in Europe for game developers. We’re now combining Unreal Fest and Unreal Academy as one big conference for all Unreal Engine creators across the games and non-games industries.

Over 1000 developers will come together in New Orleans on October 17 - 20 for an inspiring and educational program of more than 100 sessions across two and a half days, built around thought leadership, hands-on training, and networking.

Catch our Epic developers in the Dev Lounge for support on your Unreal Engine projects; make connections with like-minded creators; and let your hair down at the Unreal Fest Party at Mardi Gras World!

Can’t make it down to The Big Easy? Don’t worry—we’ll record the talks and make them available on demand after the event.

All you have to do right now is save the date—registration for the event will open in late August.

I am flying into New Orleans airport at 9:10 am from Raleigh via ATL 10/17 for Unreal Fest. Looking to share a ride to the Hilton Garden hotel if anyone is interested.

There are a lot of events that can work out like this and I hope that it will continue to work out for the feelers who are on the plans. There are many kinds of logistics that will have to be dealt with but I hope that the fest will continue to be a good choice for everyone who is interested in the gaming space.

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