Unreal Example Content ever going to be bundled neatly and put on the market place?

G’day guys!

It would be great if all the assets which are used in the Example Projects, could but bundled into packs and put on the market place, or some other place to easily obtain.

Currently I’ve been creating example projects and cherry picking bits and pieces to put into my own test project as I get familiar with the Unreal engine. But I found grabbing assets here and there from across the example projects really fiddly.

It would be great if there was just packs of things like “camera model”, “battery model”, “controller blue prints, first, third and top down”, “hang glider and example controller blueprints”.

I’m still getting use to how things are done in this engine, and I love seeing shiny things come to life as I learn how to implement functionality. Having a place to quickly grab the treasure chest asset and its animations easily without migrating it from the example projects and then ripping out the blueprint settings I don’t need; would make it a lot more fun in my little test level.

Would also be handy for people doing tutorials to simply refer a viewer to go download some of the free assets so they can follow along and make something come alive, rather than watching tutorials constantly place spheres and cubes to represent items :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work. Been watching Unreal engine since unreal 1 came out, and tinkered with it back in the 2.X days. Finally sitting down to get up to speed with 4.19 :wink:


Docs / Tutorials / Free Assets / Free-Projects are kind-of all over the place to be honest
It often helps to FOCUS on the genre you MOST want to work in: Sci-fi / RPG / RTS / 2D…
Some game devs have tried to help: Take a look Here + YouTube + Community-Tools too…
In UE4’s Launcher Epic have Assets under Showcase and Community Learning Tab iirc.