Unreal Engineers for Multi-City Team

Project Title:

RPG on the high seas of an alien planet, build your fleet and command them to rule the world. Dystopian sci-fi meets high-seas piracy. We’re right here at the beginning, and engineers are what we need most. This game is ambitious, but the team that’s accumulating is ready to make it. We’re just missing you!

Bright and colorful atmosphere
Unique genre mashup
Powerful narrative team and multi-city art team
Potential to become a paid project after demo launch
Full writing team and LA contacts awaiting our demo

Team Name:
Mason Collective

Team Structure:
Multi-city, including LA writers, SAG actors and actresses, production managers, and artists.

Previous Work:
Mason Collective: New Genesis book series
Art Director: DIVE: Starpath (Steam)
Designer: Reload360 (Steam)

Talent Required:
Unreal 4 Engineers
-AI programming
-3rd person gameplay programming
-RPG experience a plus
-technical artistry a plus
-1+ years experience, but willingness to learn is most important

None yet (we’re right at the beginning!)


Please take a look at the Recruitment Template and update your original post.

Thank you.


Sorry Kris, edited! :slight_smile:

I’m web developer with almost three years of experience willing to jump in the world of game developing. Can I apply? :wink: