Unreal engine5 crash report

when opening a animation blueprint in my project it crashes. Sometimes I can get the animation blueprint opened, but then it starts crashing again when i opened it from Charector blueprint…
when i click on the animation blueprint which i created my own (pictures are below) .
Screenshot (4)

Here’s My Crash Report:

this is the crash report

Screenshot (5)

Same problem.Have you solved it

Hey there @namelssMys and @anonymous_user_eaa7dd5b! It doesn’t look like the callstack has any information in it. So we’re going to need to install the editor symbols. To get them you need to open the launcher, drop down next to your engine, then tick on editor symbols. It will download, and then you need to cause the crash again. Then you can get your logs out of your project directory (or from the callstack screen you saw before).