Unreal Engine

Porque não consigo rodar o Unreal Engine no Notebooks Aspire VX 15 usando placa de video GeForce GTX 1050Ti?

Adjust your power settings to favor performance over battery life. In the Nvidia Control Panel go to 3D Settings and then set it to use the Nvidia card for everything rather than trying to automatically choose whether to use the Nvidia card or the integrated Intel GPU

My friend, i’ve had your pain ever since i’ve bought this laptop, but at least i learnt how to work around it. Unfortunately you’re going to have to downgrade your graphics driver, download the nvidia drivers that are on the acer support page for this model.(I would provide links but I’m not sure i’m allowed)
Then you’re going to run a software called “display driver uninstaller” or “DDU” for short to remove completely your current nvidia driver(it may work by just uninstalling the driver, but sometimes it doesn’t that’s why i use this).
Finally you’re going to install the version you’ve downloaded from acer support.

I’ve no idea why it’s like this, but i can assure you that works.(me and a couple of friends all have this same model and i’ve come up with this workaround and it worked on all 3 machines)

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