Unreal engine wont download

I am trying to install unreal engine on my laptop but it gives me "error code 0"i tried the answers from different sources.I changed the http settings also.It is stuck at 18%.Not only ue4.11preview i tried installing 4.10.2 also.I used ue4.8 before but uninstalled due to bugs and when i try to reinstall this its giving me this error.Sometimes if it resumes install it gets stuck showing me 18%.I am tired of this.Why is this so unstable? P.S: 1)I also tried trouble shooting the launcher. 2)It worked before (ue4.8) so dont give me regular answers.

Maybe it is related to your laptop performance?

Well i am definitely sure its not my laptop.I have a ****** pc with 4gb ram with c2d and ue4.11 preview is working.My laptop is ci5 with 8gb ram

Do you use WLAN? If so try and plug in a network cable (just guessing here). This might offer a better connection, in case your connection to WLAN is poor.

Hey all we are a new team looking to integrate hairworks and wave works could some one please point me in the right direction. we have been trying but hairworks our first NV intergration is breaking our Wwise and Substance intergration. please any help would be amazing.

Where can i go to get some help? don’t sy support. I’ve been there for two days and can’t find where to download UE4.8. the launcher will not let me install anything past 4.25.3

Any ideas? I’ve tried logout/in and also uninstall/install Launcher.