Unreal Engine Winsock version

Hello there

I’m using Winsock in my project and want to use Winsock 2.2. I initiate Winsock using WSAStartup(0x0202, &wsaData), but it doesn’t work (only in UE4, otherwise it works). I think the reason for this is that Unreal Engine 4 uses Winsock 1.1 version in the core. I need to use Winsock 2.2.

Before, when i checked UE4 source files, i found the file that uses Winsock1.1 (Source\Runtime\Sockets\Private\Windows\SocketSubsystemWindows.cpp(Init function)).

Then, i disabled it or changed Winsock1.1 with Winsock2.2 and recompiled it, but it didn’t work.

How can i solve this problem? Can i disable UE4 Winsock of the core.