Unreal Engine Web Browser, how to debug it?


up until very recently I was successfully using the web browser widget to display an stripe checkout page inside my game and allow users to complete purchases of products inside the game.

this works with a backend system and a stripe hosted checkout page.

However, the stripe checkout page stopped working recently I take it something they updated broke compatibility with the web browser plugin?

is there anything like chrome dev tools for this browser? a way to log whatever errors might occur while It is trying to show a webpage? how could I go over debugging what errors is happening inside the browser plugin?

thank you very much for any help/attention.


I’m very interested in this widget and your request came also to my mind. Did you find a solution to this?

I think it may be a chance, I’ll go to work with this IWebBrowserSingleton::SetDevToolsShortcutEnabled | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hi following this information I got to a point, where I still can’t open the devtools.
See attached link to my related post #453592

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