Unreal Engine Vs Twinmotion

Hi, I’m an architectural designer and I would like to expand the visualization ability of the firm.
I use Twinmotion for rendering but I’m wondering what Unreal Engine will bring extra than Twinmotion abilities other than rendering?

Is it worth to learn Unreal Engine or stick with Twinmotion?

Learn them both. Twinmotion is great for archviz and you can get good results. But hopefully sometime in the near future you will also be able to take that twinmotion files into unreal and get photorealistic results. Twinmotion has been around for a very long time. I remember using it when you had to get permission from the architectural firm that created it. I think they are both very valuable tools for visualization. Best of luck to you and have fun with it.

I would like to know vice versa - is it worth learning Twinmotion if you have good knowledge of 3D Max > UE4 workflow.

Is it noticable faster for some maybe “not so demanding” clients in some cases?