Unreal Engine vs Everything Else

Hello community! I just dropped by to ask if there are any features/advantages of other engines (particularly cryengine) over unreal engine. Some say that cryengine is more photorealistic, what do you think? Also are there any cryengine features that unreal is missing? Particularly Im interested in 3D HDR Lens Flare, Simulations (Comparison), and procedural GPGPU weather. Refer to this video -> This link points to HDR lens flare, simulations are at 4:19, GPGPU weather is at 4:33. So are these features in unreal, or is this possible in unreal or not? Sorry if im being a noob im just starting :smiley:

The only thing i can say is, Crysis gives me very big headhaches

  1. the framework is complicated 2) it’s not friendly to use or to learn 3) tutorials are missing 4) it’s mainly a FPS engine 5) Main supported formats are Maya and 3DSAMX while they don’t support FBX 6) terrain system is outdated 7) forums are not as active as UE4 forums

Both are great, you can try them and choose the most appropriate.

You are a noob making the next big MMO, right ?

I hope so :slight_smile: maybe single player ahahaha :slight_smile: this is mostly curiosity and to probe the need for new implementations xD

If you don’t like the game just don’t play it. I think it’s a great game and still looks good :slight_smile:

Sorry, I can’t help but laugh when someone mentions CryEngine.

There is nothing wrong with the cry engine man, maybe it is not for you as it is not for me, but it is for some people. and the creators work really hard on there engine so yeah lol

Cryteck engine gives me bigger headhaches than it’s games :smiley:

I agree, it’s not for noobs and many people, but very suited for some others.

He specifically asked for 3 things: HDR Lens Flare, Simulations, and procedural GPGPU weather.

And you respond by calling him a noob…

good job, mods!

I think we’ve just answered this question so much, we’re all a bit burnt out.

That being said, I hate that people DON’T answer appropriately.
It’s as if everyone thinks that information from one year ago is still viable today.

Anyway, I’ll go ahead and answer as best I can…

I know most of what you asked for are built-in Cryengine features, if I’m correct.

  1. With thinks like Lens Flare, you can use a post-process effect volume in UE4.

  2. For simulations do you mean fluid or otherwise?

  3. Weather in UE4 (other than the time of day) is often created using particle effects.

If you need me to go into more detail with anything I said feel free to ask.

Good luck and please, everyone, be nice to each other.

~ Jason

Instead of ignoring a thread if they do not like/want to participate in it. some would rather put someone down. and make them feel small.

I’m sorry if this has been answered millions of times but I didn’t find any information on these particular topics. Anyway, by simulation I mean realistic physics, like star citizen and KSP. Weather I mean something like physically based weather, like realistic dynamic weather. (That’s the best description I can think of ATM). Thanks for the help and kudos for the pacience :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s fine.

I never understood why people are so adamant about closing these threads because “it’s been asked before.”

New updates are released frequently so any information you find will most surely be old.


  1. Physics: There is a physics simulation for static meshes.

  2. Weather: No such feature by default (that I know of); if you do some blueprinting (visual scripting) you can achieve the desired result as far as I know.

If I find any tutorials of contradictory/extra information I’ll be sure to send it your way.

Are you considering using Cryengine because of these features?

Good luck and never give up,

~ Jason

No I’m not even considering cryengine because it’s lower quality (from what I can tell), no tutorials, and unreal is just better. Plus unreal is free and open source. I just wanted to know because it looks like some of these might come in handy but ill code them myself if needed :slight_smile: are realistic physics possible? If so only with static meshes or are dynamic meshes also compatible with physics? Thanks for being so helpful and nice. The thing that unreal engine has that will make me stick with it is the great community. Thanks :smiley:

Make sense.

I’m almost positive, but not 100% sure, that dynamic meshes allow physics simulation.

Realistic physics are definitely possible, but you’ll probably need to do some blueprinting or coding.

Good luck, don’t give up,

~ Jason

You never done 3D game developement to ask such question, and you nerver searched on the net about physics and 3D engines common features by yourself. You are making people loose their time responding to such basic questions because you are lazy.

If you choose a 3D engine for the community instead of your skills and game needs , you will fail.

Why not starting using Unreal 4 following tutorials then trying to make something on your own ?

Actually, it was the OP that called him/herself a noob, Galeon just joked (s)he was looking to make an MMO. There was no malice behind the words, and the OP took the joke in the manner it was intended. No need for mods to step in.

That said, you gave three very good examples. Unreal is not perfect, and all the main engines are pushng each other forwards. Unreal’s (semi-)recent improvements in foliage are good example of this, I think.

I completely disagree, the engines now a days are so close that the community is what can be a decision maker, an active community and one willing to help can easily be a deciding factor over one that is not and does not.

I have to agree.

Sometime prior to using UDK, I was checking out Cryengine 3 and I quickly decided against it when I realized the community was not helpful or even welcoming (if you weren’t a mod or admin you didn’t belong on the forums; or at least that’s what it felt like).

That being said, I get were Galeon is coming from, but I mean this is the UE4 forums.
We’re here to answers basic questions for people…

Sure, he could research it, but I think most people just default here now…
Which is arguably good or bad.

We were all new to this at one point is all I can say on the matter.
However, researching before questioning is never a bad thing.

We shouldn’t put people off of asking questions on here though.
For all we know he couldn’t find an answer online.

~ Jason

You and everybody else, don’t ask these questions here. It’s like asking whether you should choose black or white chocolate from kids who like black. As you’ve probably have heard, it all comes down to preference. I prefer the cryengine as it just does what I want, massive vegetation, realistic light, good framerate and other awesome stuff that you can find. You can achieve the same with both and no cryengine SDK is not the best represantation of the engine, you can either buy it, or check the games like: Ryse: Son Of Rome(2013/14) and Everyone’s gone to the Rapture(2015/16). But please take these questions to other forums like polycount.

Forget about Cryengine. If you are beginner or novice developer, just forget about it and spare yourself time and pick UE4 or Unity. Experianced C++ programmer and well rounded Cryengine designer can put up with Cryengine as good as other engines, but for other 95% indie devs its not even question. If you are asking what graphical features are different/better of CE to UE4 you are defenetly asking completly wrong set of questions, that are important for indie project, especially since UE4 and CE3 are rather quite close in its rendering path.