Unreal Engine vs Blender for Animation

I feel like I am missing something. Why would someone use blender if UE4 has an animation creator tool in itself. At least that’s what it looks like. If Unreal engine does have a animation creation tool, what benefit is there in using blender over UE4’s animation tool. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Unreal doesn’t have all the tools needed for creating new animations. While you can certainly make new animations and the Control Rig addition has greatly improved this but still unreal is not quite ready to replace a proper DCC app like Blender or Maya.

Perhaps in the future it may be and indications from Epic certainly seem that way. But for now even if it is possible to create animations from scratch, the tools in unreal are more suited to modifying existing animations rather than creating brand new assets.

Basically, the animation tools in Blender (or other 3D software like Maya/3ds Max/Cinema 4D) are much more advanced and give you more tools and controls.

I see, Thank you both very much, as that gives me an understanding now.