Unreal Engine VR Developer Required! (Single Project)

VR Tile Visualizer (Desktop App)


VR Tile visualizer app where user can select different spaces (bed, bath, kitchen, etc.) and try different tiles designs on different sections of wall and floor in Virtual Reality.
App should be modular with admin panel to add/remove new 3d spaces, tile designs, filters, etc.

**Reference App **

( note: this is the closest example of features, menus and VR App process flow )

( note: this is the closest example of interactions in VR )


  • **User management **(sign in/sign up)
  • **Admin Panel **(to add/remove 3d spaces, tiles, filters, etc.)
  • Select rooms (try different rooms like bed, bath, kitchen, living, open, etc.)
  • Select layout (arrange tiles in different patterns and orientation)
  • **Custom area **(draw a rectangle to place tiles in a specific area on the wall/floor)
  • **Player Movement **(free roam, teleportation, etc)
  • Filters (by color, product name, material, size, finish, etc.)
  • Search (by color, product name, material, size, finish, etc.)
  • **Product info tab **(to display product info)
  • Social sharing (to share screenshot of designed image on social media/email)

Technical Details

  • It should be developed using Unreal Engine for Oculus Rift
  • It should support Oculus motion controllers and Xbox controller seamlessly
  • Unreal Engine 3d scenes will be provided
  • Tile textures will be provided

Please send your profile with relevant portfolio and a proposal with time/cost estimates.
If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact.

Anas Khan
CTO – iorena

+92 322 2216 889