Unreal Engine version not recognized

Hi I’ve checked out version 4.25 from GitHub and complied successfully.
I’m using Epic Games Launcher with Wine to get assets from Marketplace into projects, but projects created with my UE4 build appear with version “Other” and I’m not able to load asset into them.
Also, if I download a project from the marketplace (with Launcher in Wine) and select 4.25 as destination engine version, it shows as 4.25 in Launcher but when I open it in my UE4 build it says that the project is made for a different version and suggests me to copy or convert in place.
I’ve opened project files in a text editor and:

  • project file from the marketplace has: “EngineAssociation”: “4.25”,
  • project file created with my UE4 build has: “EngineAssociation”: “{long alphanumeric text}”,

Since my build is a checkout of the 4.25 I expected it to be recognized as 4.25 and not “other”.
I can see the correct version number on the top right of UE4Editor window.
How can I correct this?

Thank you