Unreal Engine unexpected 100GB+ size

I installed Unreal Engine 5.0.2 through Epic Games Launcher. I checked only core components in options. But after installation, its size is 114.7GB. Also, the size of the plugin folder alone is 56.6GB and that of the Binaries folder is 34.0GB. Also, I have not selected any additional platforms but the binaries folder contains those e.g Android, Linux etc.

Screenshot (406)
Screenshot (407)

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after installation, its size is 114.7GB

Yes, that is correct.

Did your issue solve?

I’m having the exact same issue. I installed Unreal 5 twice in my computer and on both occasions it ate 115 GB of my disk space… the solution that worked for other people (check and uncheck the components in the options window" didn’t work for me. Still can’t use Unreal =/

It looks like there is some problem with Epic Games Launcher. It is downloading all the components from the server.

I was having same issue but in my case it fixed when I try to download it after 3 days.

I’m having the same issue with installing UE5.

Developers should consider it and find a solution to this.

Click install “sample files” the smallest of all the options along with “Core”
This then only seems to install Core and the smallest set of files. I think there is an issue in the selection process in that all boxes unticked to the installer is all boxes ticked. I did this and the install is only the expected 27.6GB

You mean I should tick all the boxes

It can grow even more believe me.

Mine grew to 160GB+ after hot reloading C++ code.

I think the future of UE5 will be USB drives. :laughing:

I may be wrong, but activating C++ makes the editor absorbing the code of your projects and libs into it.