Unreal Engine Undo and Redo freeze

I have been experiencing a load of problems while using Unreal Engine 5.02, one in sequencer which I already discussed, and this. Undo and Redo become unusable when Unreal gets caught up in a background process related to the movement of an actor or setting a keyframe. Its generally lists the reason as Undo (Can’t undo while “set key frame” is in process) which is quite annoying and basically eliminates the ability to use the history of any action. I accidentally deleted a keyframe that really screwed my sequence up and there was no way to undo and no way to save a previous version.

UE 5.02 - Lumen GI - Standalone Ray Tracing Reflections - Raster Translucency

3090 RTX
i9 Intel
Up-to date graphics drivers
Windows 10
Not sure if this info will help but in case it helps…

Please Help.

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5.1.1 here,
getting constant freezes with undo just on tweaking material instances, so frustrating.