Unreal Engine Twitch Category

Epic Games announced during their Unreal Engine live stream today, that they will no longer be sponsoring the ‘Unreal Engine’ category on twitch. A great community has been built by streaming in that category, and It’s understandable that Epic doesn’t want to preclude All types of Game Developers whether a 2d or 3d artist using Blender, Photoshop, or Maya. And their suggestion is to move to the ‘Science and Technology’ category. I don’t know what your experience is in the Science and Technology category, but I get a fair amount of people trolling the channel and have no interest in actual game development.

Epic Game category announcement *clip

Personally I think that Epic Games should support a ‘Game Development’ category for twitch, if their only reason is that ‘We don’t want to deny streamers who stream other types of content while using unreal engine.’

Please send a message to @VictorLerp explaining your profound interest in having Epic Games support a more broad category for streamers such as ‘Game Development’. Instead of lumping Unreal Engine developers into a category where ‘Science and Technology’ consists of Live Streaming Birds, Ducks, Chickens, Squirrels, and watching Plants Grow…

A couple of things I worked on, during the stream while in the Unreal Engine Category…

/ Cabby Lake (Part of the 150 hour mmo challenge) /*

/ Volumetric Fog (Level Design) /*

/ Multiplayer Character Controller /*