Unreal Engine TPP+FPP shooter system (a CS type game)

Please review my work, give suggestions or recommendations how it is aligned with the industry expectation!

I am working on UE4 Third person system development with walk, run, punch, pick-up, aim and shoot (animation) functionality. Below are the mechanics I have implemented so far along with bug fixes

  1. New material creation and particle system
  2. Blend space and State machines
  3. Keyboard, mouse, game-pad and touch controls
  4. Animation Montage
  5. Aim system with the help of Aim-offset 2D (using mouse to aim)
  6. Socket change for equipping and un-equipping of weapon
  7. FPP to TPP switch and vice versa.
  8. Multiple bugs and glitches fixing
  9. Having multiple animations run at the same time like walk while aiming or equipping or punching.
  10. Having the hand on the gun while aiming for accurate rotation with the help of IK (inverse-kinematics)

here is link of GIF and Video demonstrating the system :
**Video Link - **https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Xl…_JHMSvPxx-Cz99
Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zQwJs52OdOC8n4me0lDSINRskBWc_kJg/view?usp=sharing